Full-length Studio Sound Bath

45 minutes of recalibration just for you


One Extended Sound Bath Video

No themes, no multi-day experience (unless you want to play it again and again). Just a simple, single session to help you go deeper. We've got some guided meditation in there too—designed always to ease you in gently so you can really soak up all the goodness. 

Grab your headphones if you got 'em. Forget 'em if you don't. And prepare to relax deeply, melting away any stress, tension, or worry in the process.

This is for you if you're ready to take your practice further, or if curling up on a Saturday night with some sound magic just sounds like your jam.


Keepin' It Real

We're not here to make a hippie out of you. But we are here to help introduce a tool that might just shift how you're showing up day to day. If you find something here that resonates, maybe it'll stick. Zero pressure. Your only job for right now is to lay back and breathe. 

Need It for Myself
Need It for a Gift

If you like feeling relaxed, more clear-headed, less reactionary, and basically, just not an as**ole, cool. You've come to the right place. 


Consider this your invitation to come back home to yourself. 


At the end of the day, we're all vibrating matter. Weird? Yes. True? Also, yes. The busy, constantly-bombarded lives we lead just get us out of whack. Sound is a powerful way to help us recalibrate back to that state that feels like the most natural, aligned, non-stressed version of ourselves. It's as simple as that. 

A Must Have

Because we're on a mission to make sound work accessible to everyone, we intentionally designed this studio-style sound bath—whether done individually or purchased together with the Vibrate Higher intro series—to be affordable to everyone. We don't think there's a good reason anyone should have to miss out on the benefits. We created this in direct response to the community (both in the US and around the globe). And from our heart to yours, we sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Once you purchase, we'll inbox you immediate access to the video in streamable format.

Yes, please (for me)!
Yes, please (as a gift)!