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A sound bath collection for kids and families


A Tool for Your Toolbox

Make family slow downs a thing. Yes, you can. And we’re here to make it real easy for you.

Awareness is growing that young audiences are just as much in need of stillness, connection, and re-centering as anyone else. We created this very special bag of sound bath tricks to meet that need – guaranteed to have something that fits for everyone, no matter what the day brings.


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We get it. It's why we designed this collection to meet your needs both at home and on-the-go. And while your to-do list may feel too full for meditation and mindfulness exercises, we promise you that working a little in when you can will start to pay off exponentially. Even if that sounds like a bunch of baloney right now. You’ll notice it start to help you communicate more calmly, connect more deeply, and grow as a momma (or dadda) bear. And you’ll notice the kids feeling more safe, empowered, and confident. 

The best part? Sound baths are like meditation 2.0. You just lay back, relax, and let the sounds of the bowls do the work. Access the same calm and clarity promised by meditation, without the stress or pressure of having to "try" to make anything happen. Think of it as one more tool in your super parent toolbox.

This collection is meant to be a grab bag of five experiences of different lengths and objectives. Pick what works based on the days’ schedule, your needs, or your kids’ ever-changing moods.

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A kid whisperer

With a background in working with youth in an empowerment and leadership development context, Nicole knows how to connect with the kid crowd and loves engaging young minds. Think you’ve got a tough one? Send ‘em on over.

What you get:

Guided Sound Bath Meditations

These 5-15 minute meditations will help kids master impactful habits that will benefit them as they get older. Featuring gentle guided voice meditation, they invite you (parents and caretakers) and your little lambs to pause and recalibrate so you can all return back to your day with more open-hearted presence.

Included are:
  • Feelings Sound Bath Meditation (5 minutes)

Sometimes things happen that get our feelings out of whack. Take a few moments to breathe, re-center, and clear away any stuckness or negativity.

  • Breathing Sound Bath Meditation (10 minutes)

 Use breath and imagination to experience total calm and relaxation. Leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

  • Nature Sound Bath Meditation (15 minutes)

Walk through a beautiful park with a cascading waterfall and shaded oak tree, as you let the sounds of the bowls lead the way.


We think they work best with kids 4-8 years old, but we’re just ballparking it here. Feel free to give it a shot with ages outside that range and let us know how it goes!

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Sleepytime Tracks

Great for any age, these tracks are 20 minutes in length and blend together the soothing sounds of the bowls with simulated white noise (no speaking component). Designed to mimic the functionality of a more traditional bedtime noise machine, these will help guide your little one to dream land – whether for a mid-day nap or evening slumber.

Leave on while the pups drift off to sleep and let it just fade into silence. (You’re welcome.)

 Included are:
  • Comfort (20 minutes)

For days when kiddos need a little extra support. The bowls are played in harmony, emphasizing the balancing effects of the indium bowl and eliciting the companionship properties of the palladium bowl. The total package creates a space that allows kids to feel in tune, held, and supported. Like a sound hug.

  • Calm (20 minutes)

For days when kiddos need a little extra zen. Drawing on the transmuting effects of the smoky quartz bowl, and spending some extra time with the binaural beat – which helps to balance activity among the hemispheres of the brain – kids are able to clear away negativity and fully relax, while drifting with ease into lower brain wave states where deep rest and healing take place.


Great for the car, the crib, the couch, or the bed! Knock 'em out wherever works for you.

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Whether at home or on the go, we've got you covered.





We also hope you enjoyed the disjointed animal references we worked into this product description. (We counted at least three.)

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