Vibrate Higher 

Ready to feel the difference some sound love can make?


Four Exclusive Sound Bath Videos

Vibrate Higher includes four 20-minute sound baths designed to help you get out of your head and back into your heart. Not too long, not too short, and just the right quantity to start a solid wellness toolkit. If you want to do them in a week as a personal challenge, we support that. If you want to keep them on demand to use as you need them, that's brilliant too.

Bonus:  a welcome video straight from the horse's mouth on how to approach the series + tips for relaxing out max.

We'll move through our themes of Grounded, Whole, Nourished, and Miracle-minded each session with curiosity and a healthy dose of keepin' it real.


A Relatability Factor You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Ease into sound bath meditations with Nicole's light-hearted approach. If ya dig it, it'll lay the foundation for a deeper practice. Your only job for right now, though, is to relax, and breathe. 

Need It

What does it really mean to vibrate higher?


To rise above the stuff that holds you back,

To more easily connect with and come back to the place that feels most like the real you,

And to interact with the world around you from that place.


To do that, how do you really need to feel?

| we think |







Come back to the concept for a moment that we (our bodies) are continually vibrating at a subtle level. When you add to the mix that even our thoughts hold frequencies capable of shifting our behaviors and beliefs, sound work becomes a powerful tool to help you shift gears to a place of ease and joy.

Each day of the series focuses on a different theme (those four big, bold words above). We'll tie them all together with a big, pretty bow. And we'll relax, restore, rejuvenate, and uplift, all while you lay back in the comfort of your own space.

A Must Have

Because we're on a mission to make sound work accessible to everyone, we intentionally designed this intro series to be affordable to everyone. We don't think there's a good reason anyone should have to miss out on the benefits. We created this in direct response to the community (both in the US and around the globe). And from our heart to yours, we sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Once you purchase, you'll receive immediate access to all the videos in streamable format.

Yes, please!

Catch a sneak peek on how to approach this series + tips for relaxing out max during each session in the intro video above.